The Air Force Spirit

"To be a first class air force made up of world class people."

Air Warfare Officer - Command, Control & Communications (AWO (C3)

The AWO (C3) is involved in performing precise air traffic control and safeguarding our airspace through round-the-clock air surveillance. You must possess sharp reflexes, be quick-thinking and alert, and have good communication skills to ensure mission success. You are the eyes of the Air Force. 


  • Degree: $3,510 - $5,170
  • A Level/IB: $2,420 - $2,890
  • Diploma: $2,630 - $3,540

Basic Requirements:
  • Medically fit
  • Eyesight not more than 500 degrees per eye, correctable to 6/6 vision
  • Astigmatism not more than 200 degrees per eye
  • Normal colour vision