Naval Warfare System Engineer

As a Naval Warfare System Engineer, you will lead your team in keeping naval assets primed for action at all times, and apply your skills and deep engineering expertise to some of the world’s most advanced naval technology, which includes warships, submarines, naval aircraft and weapon systems. You will also be able to receive professional accreditation as an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer from the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology (IMarEST) as part of your career development.

Academic Qualifications

  • Degree in an Engineering discipline (e.g. Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Mechatronics or Mechanical Engineering)

Starting Salary

ME4 Trainee/ME4 (Apprentice)/ME4
$4,370 - $5,300

Mid-careerists will be assigned a salary based on years of relevant experience and educational qualifications.

Additional Allowances

  • Ship board: $350- $450
  • Submarine: $750- $850

Basic Requirements

  • Singapore citizen or Singapore PR intending to take up citizenship
  • Medically fit (PES A and PES B)
  • Normal colour perception